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About Jamballa

Connecting Bloggers to Businesses

Jamballa is designed to be simple and effective.

We match bloggers and brands together based on criteria they specify. This means bloggers are never hassled by products they are not interested in and businesses are only connected with bloggers who want to work with them.

Blogger outreach can provide businesses with high quality reviews, product awareness and good brand perception, by being aligned with respected bloggers in your industry.

We also offer press release services that go out to bloggers and industry specific press, giving you the best of both worlds.


Tired of trying to find brands to work with?

Hate being offered products to review that are not relevant or simply too low value?

Then it's time you joined Jamballa!

At Jamballa we connect bloggers to brands. Our system is like eHarmony except for blogs and brands. Using the custom Jamballa platform, we take your specifications such as what types of products you want to review, the minimum value products should be worth and many other preferences. Then our platform will match you to brands that are suitable. Our system is open to all types of bloggers from anywhere in the world.

We designed our system to be as easy and hassle free as possible. There is no trawling through lists of brands and sending them messages. The Jamballa platform simply lets brands message you if their product is suitable for you based on the options you selected. Even after a brand makes contact you are never committed or forced to review anything unless you want to.

Best of all, Jamballa is FREE!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join Jamballa?

Jamballa connects you to a whole host of brands and does not require that you do anything except sign up. After you sign up you will be contacted by brands who match your criteria.

What's in it for me?

You will be sent products that you are interested in to review on your blog. Apart from being able to keep the product, you will also have the opportunity to enrich your blog with more content as you will have more topics to write about. This will help you to engage more readers.

What makes Jamballa different?

Unlike other services we are on the bloggers side. When you sign up you select a range of options such as the minimum product value you want to review, products types that interest you and your region. So you are not being bothered by low cost or irrelevant products unless you want to be.

What costs are involved?

There are absolutely no costs. You will never be asked for money by either Jamballa or any brands you choose to work with.

Is Jamballa available in my country?

Jamballa is open worldwide.

What types of blog do you work with?

We're open to all types of blogs.

Do I have to be exclusive to Jamballa?

Not at all, we do not require any kind of exclusivity.

How do I sign up?

Simply click here to be taken to our short registration form.


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Blogger Outreach

At Jamballa our goal is simple: to connect businesses to bloggers in a hassle free way.

Product reviews offer a way to get the word out about your product in an organic way that produces high quality results. Using blogger reviews also gives your brand increased creditability and awareness by aligning your brand with respected, influential bloggers in your industry.

Rather than having to manually trawl through pages of websites looking for blogs, then write to bloggers sending multiple emails back and forth to make arrangements, we use our large highly targeted platform to do the work for you. The Jamballa platform contains information about bloggers such as their readership, subscribers and the type of things they normally blog about.

You will never be committed to send anything to any blogger unless you choose to. We will contact bloggers from our network on your behalf. If they are interested in your offer they will then contact you. You can then decide whether or not you want to proceed with that blogger.

You can find a real time quote and exact blogger numbers who match your product in our outreach calculator.

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Outreach Calculator

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Jamballa?

We take the pain out of blogger outreach. You will no longer have to spend weeks manually trawling through the internet looking for blogs, then sending emails, then sorting through replies etc. We simply send your campaign out to a group of highly targeted bloggers who can then choose if they want to use your product in a review.

What kind of response should I expect?

You should expect a high rate of response. The Jamballa platform was created to be highly targeted. When we send your campaign out, it only goes to bloggers who actually want to review products that match your products criteria. You can get a live quote and how many bloggers match your criteria in our outreach calculator.

What does blogger outreach provide?
Product awareness – Get your product/brand/service seen by lots of people.
Social – Bloggers share their post about you on social media.
Brand management – When your brand is searched on Google, etc. the results are filled with positive reviews by influential bloggers.
Brand perception – By being allied with a quality blog your brand is seen as being in and relevant to the blogs audience.
Long term – Most posts last for years and will keep on working for your business.
How much does it cost?

For prices please see our outreach calculator that provides exact costs and gives you exactly how many bloggers match your criteria in real time. Our service is Pay as You Go and does not have monthly fees.

Press Releases

A Fresh Approach to Press Releases

At Jamballa we do things differently. Most press release services just throw your release out randomly to news rooms that do not care about your product or service. Jamballa on the other hand, will send your press release to bloggers who work in your industry and have an audience who cares about your news. In addition to sending your release to targeted bloggers, we also send it to industry specific journalists and news websites.

We will send your press release to the best possible sources. This includes bloggers both big and small and news agencies that cover the types of news that match your press release. The response will be down to your release. If it is great compelling news, expect a good response; if the press release is about your Q3 turnover, expect little to no response.

Jamballa cannot guarantee a level of response, level of response is entirely down to the quality of your press release and the uniqueness of concept.

Please use our real time press calculator to see how much our press release service will cost, there is no fixed price as our service is tailor made.

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Press Release Calculator

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